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2 days 16 hours

In which way can Internet be used for stimulating of civic activism and solving of life issues?

The response to this question is in hands of...

4 days 14 hours

If you have a story that unfolds across several places over a period of time, storymaps can provide an engaging interactive medium with which to tell the story. This post reviews some examples of...

1 week 4 days

The Metamorphosis Foundation is greatly concerned by the publicly announced allegations of mass and unauthorized surveillance of citizens, performed through criminal association and official...

2 weeks 1 day

Talking about the economic benefit of open data is one good way to describe open data’s impact, and provides a "...

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5 days 16 hours

The Metamorphosis Foundation promoted the first mobile application against hate speech, aiming to bring information from this area to the fingertips of mobile phone users. The app can be downloaded on the following link.

1 week 5 days

In her excellent article Anthea Watson Strong is answering this question explaining different levels of engagement and game theory. A must read for every civic tech entrepreneur

1 week 5 days

UNDP in Armenia recently held a workshop using co-design methodology – designing, not for, but with people who will use the service. In the workshop summary you can read a step-by-step description how to repeat it. It is social innovation in its very best practice.

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Are you making an open data based app

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The aim of this text is to present the most important aspects of FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source) licensing, show how various licenses differ, and prove that free access to technical advancements is...

By Grzegorz Młynarski

The most popular definition of data describes it as everything which is or may be processed by a brain or a computer.

When working with data, data visualisation techniques can be used in two different ways: - for analysing or making sense of a dataset (visual analysis); - for communicating some...

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